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Vacuum Lifters: Hose Lifters

Vacuum Lifters: Hose Lifters

Hose Lifters

Hose lifters help with handling tasks especially when heavy loads have to be lifted or transported.

Vacuum hose lifters are vacuum lifting devices for lifting and transporting loads. Whether it is stacking cartons, palletizing bagged cargo, transporting sheet-metal or wooden plates, loading barrels or laying stone plates, vacuum hose lifters offer an inexpensive and flexible solution for nearly every handling task like that.

The holding and lifting process is exclusively put into action with the aid of vacuum. Due to using the same control lever for suction, lifting and releasing the load, extraordinarily fast handling of loads is made possible. The modular design principle of variable, multiplex combinable base components supports easy customization of the hose lifters to individual needs.

Vacuum hose lifters consist of five different base components: Vacuum pump, vacuum filter, feeding hose, lifting hose and suction base. These modules can be specifically selected and applied according to every application. The vacuum pump is the core of the hose lifter. IT generates the vacuum that is necessary to operate the system. Air streams from the suction base through the lifting hose and is directed to through the integrated filter to the pump by the suction hose. The vacuum in the lifting hose can be regulated by a lever integrated into the suction head. If the vacuum increases, the lifting hose contracts and lifts the previously sucked load. If the vacuum decreases, the lifting hose detracts and the sucked load is lowered.

Hose lifters are self-contained systems and do not need additional safety devices. Matching the suction base to the lifting hose area (measured in Ø of the lifting hose), ensures that loads are held by the suction base at sufficient safety. Even during power outages, aspirated loads will not fall down because an into the lifting hose incorporated non-return valve ensures safe and controlled lowering of loads to the ground before the suction base can be released.

For smooth and easy maneuvering of hose lifters, we offer corresponding crane systems.