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Vacuum Lifters: Façade Lifters

Vacuum Lifters: Façade Lifters

Vacuum Lifting Device

The vacuum lifting device Da-Wa-Max was constructed for horizontal and vertical transport of roof and wall panels of different dimensions. The power is supplied by a rechargeable 24V battery.

Model in modular design:
1. With the base cross beam, wall panels are lifted.
2. By attaching of the various support arms to the base cross beam, roof panels can be lifted additionally.

Technical data:

  • wokpieces to handle: Sandwich elements / trapezoidal plates
  • load: up to 250 kg (depending on used suction cups)
  • material thickness: depending on application
Other features

  • solid, welded frame construction, which also serves as vacuum container
  • wide range of individual suction cups
  • electic vacuum pump with high efficiency
  • additional fixture device via safety strap
  • manual swivelling direction 90°, lockable
  • acoustic warning system with vacuum switch mounted ton the cross beam’s center
  • Operation via buttons: One button vor vacuum generation and for swivelling “back” and “forth”, two buttons (pushed simultaneously) = releasing The controls are on the front of the cross beam
  • Vacuum valve, vacuum filter, vacuum gauge
  • Including rechargable battery system