We are the pioneer business partner, distributor and service provider of industrial Cam lock Coupling and Cam lock Coupling, which are obtained from leading companies to promise reliability of hydraulic Cam lock Coupling. Fluid Couplings are indispensable in providing connections in systems that involve the flow of air, water. Our couplings are highly popular for their superior quality and longevity. Their safe, easy one-hand connection and disconnection enables superior operability. Their built in automatic open and shut valve provides high flow, easy flow control and realizes a perfect seal.
In order to cater wide needs for couplings for applications in the home as well as in the medical, biotechnology, nuclear, semiconductor and computer fields, Nitto Kohki offers a full product line-up comprising of 3,000 series and some 25,000 individual models. Nitto Kohki couplers offer fast and easy connection/disconnection of fluid lines for example water, oil, gas, and air. They completely remove the problem of connecting/disconnecting conventional thread type couplings or flanges, fluid leakage, and hose kinking, while providing quick, convenient control and maintenance of fluid line connections.

Pneumatic HI-CUPLA


  • Available in steel, brass and stainless steel.
  • One-way automatic shut-off valve in the socket.
  • Wide variety provides best choice according to application.
  • Hardened parts are extremely wear resistant and durable.
  • Tested 10,000 times, coupler connection is accrue