Pumps and dosing

Timmer-pneumatic offers a variety of liquid pumps. On this page you will get a short overview of all available at Timmer liquid pumps. We will advise you in choosing the “right” pump. Order the corresponding free catalogs or take obligation with us.


Vacuum lifter

Timmer-Pneumatic GmbH offers under the brand ANVERRA an extensive product range in the field of vacuum lifting equipment. mainstays of ANVERRA vacuum lifting equipment are vacuum lifting equipment such as coil lifting device, lifting beams, skid lifters, gap opener, swing lift, turn hoists, cranes, vacuum assembly areas and special lifter. Moreover, Timmer provides comprehensive service and maintenance offerings. advice: Our 20 sales engineers nationwide are in use and advise you in all aspects of vacuum lifting equipment and crane systems from start to finish of your project. Mounting: For the installation of the equipment has a team of competent and trained qualified personnel for you. : Legal may be placed and operated in the traffic load receiving means such as vacuum lifters, vacuum trusses or vacuum lifting equipment according to EU regulations, if the following conditions are met:

  • Static calculation : The design, construction and production of the respective lifting equipment must be made ​​at least according to DIN EN 13155 or after the higher-DIN-EN 15018.
  • Welding : All welding operations must flown by certified (according to EN 287-1) welder. The review of the welding work must be done by a certified (according to EN 729) Welding Specialist.
  • Complete documentation : There are to create a technical manual and a log book (for the statutory annual review of the investment). A CE declaration of conformity shall be given. Compliance with the safety regulations according to VDE, the EU Machinery Directive 98/37/EC and the Machine Protection Act GPSG and accident prevention must be certified.

Vacuum technology and vacuum pumps

Timmer-Pneumatic GmbH offers with the new vacuum program “TIVAtec” a comprehensive range of articles. central component of the vacuum pumps, which are available in many different designs as multi-stage, compressed air operated ejectors. Among the brand ANVERRA we offer vacuum lifter in varied designs and for the variety of applications. Besides the vacuum pumps are driven vacuum suction cups for a variety of applications. too, vacuum accessories such as vacuum filters, vacuum hoses or vacuum switch is part of the TIVAtec product range. Besides the above inexpensive standard articles, the Timmer-Pneumatic GmbH also develops customer-specific special such as vacuum manifold, venturi nozzle or nozzles. Through our many years of experience in the vacuum sector, we can advise you competently and find cost-effective solutions for your application.