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Vacuum Lifters: Heavy Duty Cross Beams

Vacuum Lifters: Heavy Duty Cross Beams

Heavy Duty Cross Beam


Since twenty-five years, we construct and manufacture our heavy duty cross beams. Most systems are still in use and thus demonstrate the robstness and high quality of our cross beams.

Up-to-date cross beams are steadily refined so new technologies and knowledge directly influences the construction.

Excellent outcomes are achieved, when the work pieces have large dimensions and need to handly heavy duty tasks. We will customize our system to your individual needs. Reliability and safety are are ensured by the powerful electric vacuum pump. The combination with the large vacuum reservoir as well as optical and acoustic warning system top the safety package off. The current vacuum leven can be retried via vacuum gauge at any time. On the following pages, you will find a selection of the many models we have already manufactured.

Other characteristics:

  • Long lifespan due to materials of excellent quality
  • Electric high performance vacuum pump
  • Number of suction cups individually configurable
  • Great variety of suction cups (material and form) for lifting various materials (metal, wood, plastics, glass etc.)
  • acoustic safety warning system including rechargable battery (function is maintained even during power outages)
  • Operation via buttons: One button vor vacuum generation, two buttons (pushed simultaneously) =releasing
  • Vacuum gauge, large vacuum container with non-return valve