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Vacuum Lifters: Coil Lifters

Vacuum Lifters: Coil Lifters

Coil Lifters

Vacuum swivelling lifter TA-VSL-600/1600-400-P-P-R1200 Vacuum swivelling lifter, max. Coil external Ø1600, internal Ø400, pneumati vacuum generation, pneumatic swivelling motion, circular blank Ø1200

Use and handling: 
Anverra vacuum swivelling lifters are designed for gentle and comfortable transport as well as swivelling of slit strips. Our systems also enable easy and efficient handling with only one person necessary to operate. Vacuum generation is accomplished by a multi stage TIVAtec vacuum pump with the aid of compressed air.

The swivelling motion of the model is enabled by two pneumatic cylinders. There are four vacuum circuits, every one of them controllable via a ball valve. The incorporated compressed air reservoir offers maximum safety as it is combined with a warning signal. The current vacuum level can be directly controlled via the vacuum gauge at any time. In the case of leakage, a warning signal sounds. Superb vacuum tightness is achieved by a special seal.


  • solid, welded frame construction
  • pneumatic vacuum generator with high efficiency
  • individually designed circular suction blanks (Ø1200/430 mm)
  • Swivellin motion 90° due to two high-quality pneumatic cylinders
  • akoustic safety warning signal
  • operation via buttons
  • vacuum gauge, vacuum container with non-return valve