Legris FRL


Filters, Regulators and Lubricators from Legris

Legris is the inventor of the Push-to Connect technology for pneumatic connectors and a recognized specialist in the fluid connection industry.

Attentive to market needs, Legris now offers a complete line of FRL equipment. Legris ensures that through our extensive knowledge of both design and manufacturing all products meet the requirements of the end user. This range of FRL is the right product to meet your air preparation needs. Legris, your single source supplier for fittings, function valves, tubing, accessories and now air preparation equipment.



Legris™ FRL’s feature a high degree of modularity for flexibility and easy Maintenance, as well as captured O-rings to ensure a reliable seal.
Each of the components has several desirable features: – A wide variety of filters are available: Coalescing, Particulate, Purifying, and Activated Carbon Filtration from 40 microns down to 0, 01 micron. – The relieving type regulator works with a very small hysterisis band with a quick response that gets air flow back up to system pressure quickly. Available lockable regulator features a very secure construction and prevents unnecessary adjustments.